Revenue Maximisers

Are you maximizing your revenue?   It is humorously said that ‘it is not your worker who makes profit for the company, it is the Accountant who makes one”. We at Exim go a step further. Your workers need not have to lift even one tool extra.

By studying your export product, we can definitely make a positive difference of 2-5 % to your profit line. There are many government schemes in favor of an exporter. These schemes help an exporter to maximize his revenue. The revenue is legitimately his. But lack of knowledge and ignorance about the schemes prevent an exporter from exploring these avenues of revenue. At Exim we study the product and the markets to which these are sent. Currently, two schemes are available as

  • Duty drawback
  • Merchandise export

While the former is given by the Customs themselves, the Joint Director General of Foreign Trade (JDGFT) provides the latter in the form of scrip.

We not only study the applicability of the scheme to the exporter, but also devise and install a strategy to avail such benefits.