Compliance & Audit


There are clients who have their complete systems on board; they have done their due diligence right in all matters, be it choosing right scheme for their exports, exercising right care in choosing exemption notification at the time of import, collecting the necessary documents for claiming such exemption and over all on the right track.

Yet, it is always better to have external expert opinion on the framework of international business. When called to do an audit of a client’s international business practice, we do thorough check of all angles. The logic is very simple; when you are part of the system, you tend to overlook. Therefore, it is always better to have an audit of the practice systems.

Our activities as part of Compliance Audit

  • Check classification, rates of duty, duty exemptions
  • Documentation Audit
  • Duty drawback admissibility, chapter 3 incentives
  • Notification requirement for the discharge of obligation including time lines.