Who we are?

EXIM CONSULTANTS is the most trusted advisory firm in the Indian corporate sector managing foreign trade policies, Litigations, Disputes and Regulatory &Business Development Services. We offer a wide range of advisory services to help clients foresee growth opportunities by providing actionable insights within the broad framework of Customs, Excise and Foreign trade policy framework.

Why to choose us?

  • Our long presence in the industry, started in 1983 we have come a long way in the past 3 decades
  • We offer a combination of services unique to the industry, which sets our strength, i.e. Legal& business consulting, process management, professional training and business development services.
  • Our national network in New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Vishakhapatnam, Cochin, Tuticorin, Trichy & our physical presence in Chennai (Head Office) & Coimbatore (Branch office).
  • Our working team consists of expertswith acquired extensive experience from legal & revenue departments of the government, public and private sector undertakings.
  • Our Experience in handling clients from Government enterprises, MNC’s, SME’s & first generation entrepreneurs.
  • Our exceptional professional standards by consistent monitoring & reporting from our competent people and foolproof technology ensuring quality delivery.
  • We not just ADVISE, we also WALK THE TALK by converting the ADVISE into ACTIONS.




Integrity – We maintain utmost professional ethics

Reliable – We are honest, accessible & responsible

Courage – We stand for truth and do all that only matters

Committed – We promise and we deliver with higher productivity

Collaborate – We believe in people, process and technology associations


To commit to clients’ success and deliver excellence in our service, the experience is something that we truly enjoy day-on-day and more valuable to us, than just mere profits and revenues.

We believe in theory of Hear and then speakas responsible consultants, which helps uscraft realistic solutions,becoming part of the plan and executing by collaborating people, process and technology.

Manufacturers and Exporters are generallyinclined deep into their production processes due to heights of competitiveness in the industry, which requires their undivided attention while legal reforms continue to emerge day on day like department notification, circulars etc., incognizant to these information stands as a phenomenal FINANCIAL RISK to industriesof all sizes.

So how does an entrepreneurs overcome this obstacle?

Proficient domain experts, relationship touch points,24/7 virtual support, Systematized Reporting, methodical meetings (physical and online)andto sum-up, an affiliated professional framework taking over the ownership of your export & Import management from a legal side is the option most smart & successful companies would take up. This is how entrepreneurs stay committed to their business obligation and while we cansecure your success.

We at EXIM, offer a unique package to our clients a combination of ADVISORY, PROCESS MANAGEMENT & TRAINING a rare blend in the consulting field.