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29 Feb

Letter from the Editor – R.R.Padmanabhan Posted by Exim on Nov 25th, 2015

Dear Readers,
The fortnight that just ended had been eventful in terms of rains in Chennai. Statistics would admit that this amount of rainfall, we have had a couple of decades ago. Be that as it may, in all fairness, enough information was available at least a month before, that monsoon would not be as usual. These copious rains could have been stored and utilized. Anyway, as usual we have become wise after the event. The pity is in spite of having appropriate technology; we could not harness nature’s bounty. Hopefully, we learn from our mistakes and avoid it in future.
Bihar elections have shown that nothing is invincible in public space. Majority of Indian society is not parochial in nature though deeply religious. We are a majestic society that has evolved over a period of time to be tolerant of one another. Such being the case, perhaps, touching the religious chord almost to the level of nauseating, costed Bihar elections dear to the ruling dispensation.
Last week, Andhra chamber of commerce in association with Doha Bank, Qatar showcased the business potential between Gulf countries and India and Doha bank’s role in furthering the relationship. Doha bank has interesting financial products; further, they can go beyond finance by providing actionable inputs in doing business with gulf countries. In short, by virue of having an Indian, Dr Seetharaman as Chief Executive Officer, we have an excellent contact in increasing the level of engagement with the gulf countries.
Happy reading folks, R.R.Padmanabhan.

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